Semi-Custom Formulary Development
What is Semi-Custom Formulary Development and How Does it Work?
Anything Liquid Manufacturing approaches Semi-Custom Formulary Development as a teaming arrangement. Using the unique Anything Liquid Delivery System, the company is able to engineer an architecture for nutritional supplements that satisfy nearly every human dietary requirement. Using the finest raw materials available, supplements can be produced to match the customer’s most exact requirements. Products can be developed that:

  • Improve Muscle Mass
  • Burn Fat
  • Gain Bulk
  • Improve Energy Levels
  • Improve Mental Fitness

Each product is unique and specially formulated to the customer’s specifications by a master chemist using the Anything Liquid Delivery System. The customer makes all of the choices from ingredients, flavor and packaging to dosage and intensity. When the supplement is complete, the customer puts their name on it and distributes the product through their existing marketing channels anywhere in the world.

The Semi-Custom Formulary Process

The timeline for design, manufacturing and delivery of finished nutritional supplements is contingent on the availability of raw materials, as well as customer-mandated procedures, testing and packaging. The entire process from inception to shipment of finished product normally takes about 20 working days. Customer review and approval controls are built into each stage in the process.

Analysis and Specification

The process of defining a new formulary begins with a detailed Product Specifications Worksheet to determine the primary objectives of the supplement. The customer establishes performance criteria, active ingredient requirements, physiological response objectives, packaging and delivery specifications, sampling procedures as well as flavorings and dosage specifics.

Research and Formulary Development

From the customer’s initial specifications, a master chemist develops an architecture for creating the formula. From this architecture, the chemist balances synergistic herbal ingredients in conjunction with delivery elements to craft a product that meets the Anything Liquid Manufacturing’s Delivery System parameters.

Prototype and Testing

Once the formula has been engineered, small batches of the mixture are created in the lab and submitted to the customer for review. Additionally, samples can be sent to an independent laboratory to be tested for active ingredients and micro stability.

Production and Delivery

Once laboratory samples of the product have been approved by the customer, the product is scheduled for manufacturing. Final tests are performed on all raw materials, dosage and delivery instructions are verified and the product is put into full production. The final product undergoes rigorous testing and quality control procedures before being shipped to the customer’s delivery point.

Quality Focus

The company follows a highly structured cGMP program and is registered with the NSF.  The quality principles, on which the company was founded, are designed to create a safe work environment and produce high quality products with the highest level of purity. These principles apply whenever a material is being exposed to air, human contact or is in any part of the development or manufacturing process.

Anything Liquid Manufacturing’s development and manufacturing processes comply with applicable Federal and State regulations as well as cGMP practices. All materials used in the design and manufacturing of Anything Liquid products are of the absolute highest quality and refined purity available.

Non-disclosure and Confidential Information

Anything Liquid Manufacturing acknowledges that during the course of any working relationship, the company may have access to trade secrets, proprietary information and confidential information of a semi-custom formulary development customer, including, but not limited to, sales volumes, market share, identity of outside suppliers, customers and customers’ financial data, business plans, contracts, and methods of doing business. Anything Liquid Manufacturing will not disclose any such information without written permission. In protecting confidential information from unauthorized disclosure or use, Anything Liquid Manufacturing will utilize at least the same degree of care with respect to customers’ confidential information as Anything Liquid Manufacturing utilizes with respect to their own data of a similar nature, but not less than reasonable care.