Why Liquids ?
Posted by gsnp on June 12, 2013 at 11:20 am

Most suppliers, manufacturers, distributor and retailers know that the supplement market has been saturated with pills, powders and tablets over the years – making products more difficult to differentiate from one another.
So the question remains, how can supplement companies differentiate their product from others?
Maybe make an edgier box design? Or advertising in industry publications? One option that is taking the industry by storm is reformulating your product into a liquid product.
It is a commonly known fact that the absorption rate of liquid products is high, but did you know that it is quoted as high as 98%? Studies have also found that 80% of nutrients in a tablet never even get absorbed. Talk about a waste of investment on the consumer and supplier level.
“Most liquid products are intended for digestion through the stomach. With that being said, it is guaranteed that any liquid product that is soluble in saliva will create absorption of nutrients during mastication” says Brian Rubach, the master chemist for Anything Liquid Manufacturing. He goes on to say that the skin is so thin under the tongue and in between the lips and teeth that nutrients can easily go into the blood stream and cells even before swallowing. Studies have shown that liquid supplements allow for better use of proteins, absorb and integrate nutrients easier and is proven to improve fiber digestion.
Due to the growing rate of the aging population the sales of liquid supplement products has almost doubled over the last 4 years. Just ask Greg Andrews, the Vice President of product development for Wellesse, who has seen an amazing 40% increase in sales with their liquid glucosamine, vitamin D3 and calcium products over the last two years. Art Druhl from Jacksonville, FL has been selling to Powerhouse Gym customers for years and found a similar response when he added liquid vitamins to his product line. Not only did his total supplement sales go up, but because of a sampling program he set in place, sales of his other vitamins went up as well.
Wouldn’t you like to increase sales by 40%? Call Anything Liquid Manufacturing about reformulating your supplement for a liquid alternative, the experts at making “anything liquid!”








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